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The Evermore

South Melbourne
Starts from $775,500 - $2,096,000 For Sale


The Evermore Melbourne is a striking, architectural statement featuring two shimmering metallic towers anchored in a classically elegant podium. At ground level, apartments and carefully considered commercial enterprises have been designed to integrate seamlessly as well as enhance the existing streetscape. Every design aspect and individual component has been influenced by an appreciation of the environment along with absolute consideration for the communal and private requirements of the most discerning resident.

The Evermore interior design philosophy focuses entirely on the creation of a sophisticated retreat. An extension of the common areas, these unique and flexible living spaces generate a sense of calm on entering and continue as you interact with the floor plan of your choosing. Considered window locations add to the aesthetic with lengthy outlooks and a flood of natural light. Interior lines are distinct, elegant, and confident. Natural finishes and organic textures draw further inspiration through the use of two classical palettes differentiated by a choice of dark or light timber flooring with matching veneer cabinetry and lustrous metallic accents. Whatever size, layout, or interior design aspects you choose, you can be certain of finding the retreat that inspires you.